House & His Team
Gregory House MD (Hugh Laurie) surrounded on the left by his boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) & his friend Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) & on the right by Drs. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps), Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) & Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer).
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Season 7   
Season7 DVD
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Episode Guide to "House" on Fox
8th Season Episodes
   #822 "Everybody Dies" May 21, 9/8
   "Swan Song" retrospective May 21, 8/7
   #821 "Holding On" May 14, 9/8
   #820 "Post Mortem" May 7, 9/8
   #819 "The C-Word" Apr 30, 9/8
   #818 "Body & Soul" Apr 23, 9/8
   #817 "We Need the Eggs" A 16, 9/8
   #816 "Gut Check" Apr 9, 9/8
   #815 "Blowing the Whistle" ssr免费订阅地址
   #814 "ssr免费订阅地址" 星光加速ssr
   #813 "免费ssr机场" F 20, 8/7
   #812 "Chase" Feb 13, 8/7 pm
   #811 "ssr免费订阅地址" Feb 6, 8/7
   #810 "Runaways" ssr免费订阅地址
   #809 "Better Half" Jan 23, 8/7 pm
    #804 "Risky Business" Jan 9 (R)
    #803 "Charity Case" Jan 9 (R)
   #808 "Perils of Paranoia" Nov 28
   #807 "星光加速ssr" Nov 21
   #806 "Parents" Nov 14
   #805 "The Confession" Nov 7
   #804 "Risky Business" Oct 31
   #803 "Charity Case" Oct 17
   #802 "Transplant" Oct 10
   #801 "Twenty Vicodin" 星光加速ssr

Seasons One to Four


The TV show "House M.D." — shortened to "House" — broadcast on Fox on Monday nights is a medical descendent of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Holmes was based on a doctor and Gregory House, MD (played by Hugh Laurie), like Holmes, is an observational genius with the ability to see a pattern in small things and draw conclusions from that. Dr. House is a diagnostician instead of a detective but there are echoes of Holmes and other influences upon House MD (character and television series). And if you missed any episodes so far you can get them 锐速加速ssr

Instead of criminals, the enemy is germs, diseases and other vulnerabilities of the human body, tracked down like criminals. But House isn't just derived from Holmes. The character may also have influences from other mythic characters.

The stories usually follow the pattern of the scientific method: The team thinks up possibilities based on the evidence and then tests them, eliminating the ones that don't pass the tests until they come up with a theory that works. Or as Sherlock Holmes said, "When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Some critics have derided the plots for being formalistic, but if through interesting fiction, the writers are demonstrating how science works, there is genius in their method.

The House M.D. Guide, has spoilers if you want details of what the producers and writers of the TV show have planned for the future. But you will never run into spoilers without clicking on a link to them that specifically says "Spoilers"! We also link to various reviews and articles from the press. And we will have quotes from House and his team on character and episode pages. And we have information on 收藏一-技术好学屋:2021-4-23 · 热门文章 密码保护:收藏二 2021-04-23 评论(8) CentOS6/7 专用破解版锐速一键安装脚本 2021-03-10 评论(3) Linux VPS锐速破解版一键安装脚本 2021-05-04 评论(2) 如何判断两个IP地址是否在同一个网段?什么是子网掩码?.

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